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An operational dashboard and management application for building maintenance, energy performance and comfort.

OneLens Hard FM
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Asset Categorisation

Asset Categorisation & Operational Insight

Assign classes and risk categories in the Data Digital Twin against the connected capital assets in your building. OneLens will present all of that real-time and historical in operational performance data in a single-pane-of-glass.

Alarm & Fault Management

Alarm & Fault Management

Remove the hundreds of nuisance alarms from disparate building operating systems by normalising, masking, categorising and enriching any alarm from any system.

Predictive Maintenance

& Predictive Maintenance

Continually monitor your building stock by executing run-time Fault Detection and Diagnostics (FDD). With capital asset ontologies defined in the Data Digital Twin, run probability algorithms and peer group analysis to identify failure prediction, outlying performance issues, and apply root cause diagnosis

FM Task Management

FM Task Management

Generate maintenance tasks based upon fault, condition, or prediction. Task automation and escalation can be allocated to resolvers internally within OneLens Hard FM and the Service Worker App, or pushed to 3rd party applications e.g. CAFM. Filter tasks to categorise criticality, energy, comfort, or business impact.

Energy Optimisation

Energy Optimisation

The IBSS platform captures all live and historical energy data across the building, OneLens Hard FM turns that data into energy insights and analysis via rich, device independent, dashboards. Identifying performance regression to base line expectations, or anomaly detection, generates focus to the outlying energy issues with ease, and automates notifications to ensure reactive measures are efficiently delivered.

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