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A multi-purpose interactive kiosk & digital signage application

Ergonomic, Intuitive,


Inspire is a family of ergonomic digital kiosk and signage applications.

Available in five modes

  • Inspire Visitor Management is a small form-factor tablet application that provides intuitive check-in experiences to employees and visitors. Create inspiring first impressions through contactless sign in and hassle-free registration.  
  • As a signage display, Inspire Lobby provides at-a-glance real-time information that allows visitors and occupants to make lean data-driven decisions; whether it’s avoiding certain spaces due to overcrowding, selecting the quietest floor to work, or navigating your way to your pre-booked desk. As an interactive kiosk, Inspire Lobby supports on-the-fly space searching for services, amenities or people. 
  •  Upon arriving at your chosen floor, Inspire Floor allows users to search for workstations or collaborative spaces based on availability and the task you’re about to undertake. Whether it’s a wall-mounted touchscreen display, or a free-standing portrait kiosk, Inspire Floor will guide users to their chosen location through interactive wayfinding.
  • Inspire Zone provides building users with focusing KPIs that can be flexibly positioned in certain building zones. These small form-factor devices (such as an iPad or Android tablet) can inform occupants of real-time occupant capacities, cleaning statuses, COVID alerts and much more.
  •    Inspire Scheduling is a digital signage display for room, conference and meeting schedules. The application displays bookable rooms, their current status, now and next bookings, host names and much more. Ensure that meetings run to schedule and that attendees no longer spend hours wondering empty corridors.
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