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Meet the Team - Andrew Dyke Joins ICONICS UK as Director of Intelligent Buildings

Updated: Nov 5, 2019

ICONICS UK are delighted to welcome Andrew Dyke to our growing and talented Smart Buildings team. Joining as Intelligent Buildings Director, Andrew brings a wealth of experience and insight into the business, especially when it comes to advising on the ways in which Digital Technology can revolutionise the built world.


Andrew is passionate about the future of a Digital Built Environment and being a part of the huge shift in the adoption of people and data focused software and technology solutions. Andrew will be teaming-up with our experienced leadership team, solution architects, engineers and sales consultants, to help more businesses, across a variety of building types and industries, implement outcome-driven software solutions through digital transformation.    

Skills & Experience

Andrew has a wealth of experience in the built environment sector, both in construction and facilities management; and, for 14 years he ran his own SME servicing project delivery and maintenance of building automation and monitoring systems.. Seeking to pursue IoT, more recently Andrew’s career led him to an Associate Director position at Hoare Lea LLP, specifically within their Intelligent Building Group.

Hoare Lea are a long-standing M&E consultancy, one of the largest in the UK, who proactively spun out a digital specialist consultancy of which Andrew has fundamentally shaped its service offering over the last 2 ½ years. During this time, he has interacted with developers, designers, operators, and end clients, in creating value definition for digital solutions; Andrew also designed IoT role outs coordinating with multiple client stakeholder groups across multiple market sectors. 

Why us?

The mutual fit for our business and Andrew was perfect. ICONICS, seeking to grow significantly in the market sector of intelligent buildings, and Andrew seeking to flip back from the consulting arena to a software solution company leading in the market space of digital assets. Andrew sees the opportunity for better alignment of software solutions to this market space as more than ‘significant’, with construction and facilities management, being laggards in the Gartner indexing of digitisation.

The opportunity for real estate owners, developers, operational teams and building users can now benefit from greater user experience, productivity, efficiencies and oversight in buildings through digitalisation. Outcomes have previously been out of reach but with an IoT approach applied, we can now bring data together to realise new workflows and visualisations that allow us to lift buildings from the dark-ages of discrete and disparate siloed systems. Why is it that I can automate and access my heating and lights at home via my smartphone, yet in an office building the user experience is very different. It’s time to shape software solutions in a hardened enterprise environment to provide businesses, owners and developers the ease to benefit at scale from digitalisation, deployed in not only new building stock but legacy buildings”

"ICONICS were able to give me the opportunity to join a mature company, one filled with expertise in digital transformation before and after the birth of IoT. A company with a strong willingness to reshape its offering to the market opportunity and a professionalism and agility that is unique."


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