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Our Journey to Azure Digital Twins

Cloud-ready Digital Twin

The IBSS Platform - a Semantic Digital Twin

IBSS and many other technologies from ICONICS already come cloud-ready in their native integration with Microsoft Azure – this provides our clients with unparalleled cloud scalability and security (at all system levels – from device, to the edge, to the cloud). Right now, our Intelligent Buildings Software Stack (IBSS) uses IoT Hub, Virtual Machines, Azure Web Apps, Active Directory and many other cloud technologies from Microsoft to model the relationships between people, places and devices into a unique semantic data digital twin.

Our road to Azure Digital Twins (ADT)

However, we’re super excited to announce that as part of our roadmap our development team are working closely with Microsoft to ensure that IBSS natively supports Azure Digital Twins (ADT) – an Azure Platform as a Service (PaaS) for modelling the built environment. Our upcoming support of ADT will bring an additional wealth of flexibility when it comes to leveraging some of the great Azure AI services such as Machine Learning and Time Series Insights, expanding our capabilities around live execution, modelling languages and ultimately predicting the future.

Ella Cockerell, UK Scale IoT Lead at Microsoft says:

Ella Cockerell
"As a managed partner, and key ISV in the Smart Building space, it’s great to hear that ICONICS UK are aligning their IBSS platform to Azure Digital Twins. Microsoft is proud to be leading the way in creating smart, sustainable, and people-centric spaces – and partners like ICONICS are an integral part of our journey. I’m excited to see more outcome orientated IoT solutions for the built world, and our Azure Digital Twin platform is a great enabler in creating those breakthrough technologies and customer experiences that we all desire."

To learn more about Azure Digital Twins, follow the below link: Digital Twins – Modelling and simulations | Microsoft Azure


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