a Data Digital Twin for

Intelligent Buildings

We are transforming the built world into Intelligent Digital Ecosystems, by connecting people & their data to the physical world.

IoT-enabled Data Digital Twin

The Intelligent Buildings Software Stack (IBSS) is a virtual data-driven replication of the physical built world. The software stack models the relationships between people, places, and devices into unique semantic data digital twin.

IBSS Front-end Applications 

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Creating simple, yet beautiful experiences with space.

Using software & IoT to improve the
interaction between people & space.
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Operational Efficiency.

Using software & IoT to close the gap 
between Design & Building Performance.
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Data -driven Insights for people working with space.

Using software & IoT to make sense of big
data, extracting value with concise impact.

Making the workplace safe post COVID19

Learn what role Intelligent Buildings can play in the re-population of the workplace.

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