Software Platform: IBSS

We believe data should be seamlessly, securely and rapidly served up to any authorised user or application within a building or estate, regardless of existing systems or specified vendor. It is ICONICS’ high standard of interoperability, driven by the Internet of Things (IoT), that ultimately enables consultants, building operators and integrators to deliver innovative spaces of the future with our platform.


A cross-platform mobile app for occupants

Roamer is an ergonomic mobile application designed to engage people, drive productivity and deliver a variety of digital use case experiences.


A unified room booking and room control application

Unity is a room booking and room control application designed for fixed location tablet devices. Available and licensed in two modes, Unity provides both a unified user interface for in-room contextual control as well as an outer-room space booking and scheduling mode.


A digital kiosk & signage application

Inspire is a family of digital kiosk and signage applications designed to help building users, search, find and engage with the physical world. Inspire has been designed to help people navigate and engage with every part of the building and as such in available in a lobby, floor and zone mode. Inspire also has scheduling signage mode for room and conference facilities.


A family of visualisation dashboards, data workflows and analytics applications for operational excellence

OneLens is a suite of HTML5 multi-purpose dashboards and Data Digital Twin Engines that aim to empower a range of operational use cases through data-driven insights and artificial intelligence. Available in four different modes, OneLens supports, Hard and Soft Facilities Management (FM), Occupancy and Utilisation Analytics and Environmental Insights.

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