Utilising the best-in-class components of the ICONICS GENESIS64™ stack, and complementing with a refocused data twin engine and numerous focused applications to suit the built environment, we can digitise building stock to meet the demand of smart buildings and smart cities. We call this solution an Intelligent Building Software Stack (IBSS).

Building Solutions

ICONICS Smart Building software allows organisations to integrate, analyse and even predict equipment faults based on information from a broad range of equipment and systems across your buildings or facility. Our Smart Building software can; Monitor Energy Consumption, Visualise and Analyse Every Aspect of Your Real Estate and Predict and Improve Building Issue.


Facility AnalytiX® is a complete, ongoing commissioning software solution based on ICONICS’ advanced Fault Detection and Diagnostics (FDD) technology, which significantly reduces costs and improves operational efficiency. It incorporates a standard library of fault rules that can be customised to predict equipment failures and advise personnel of preventive actions.

Energy Analytix

Smart Energy AnalytiX® is a web dashboard for real-time energy monitoring. This flexible environment monitors all utility metrics and expenditures from electricity, gas, water, and steam, while providing actionable feedback on cost-savings initiatives, budget objectives, and more. The intuitive dashboard environment empowers teams and organizations to cooperate to save energy and money.

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ICONICS are proud to be leading the way in delivering software-based Digital Workplaces that empower people and spaces first, but in tandem to energy and asset performance.  

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