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Milesh Patel's 20 Years of Service.

Thank you & congratulations

This month we are delighted to recognise Milesh Patel’s 20 Years of Service with the ICONICS UK family. Yes, that’s 20 years of engineering calls, design meetings, QA workshops, and a whole lot of project deliveries – so congratulations, Milesh, and thank you

for your continued leadership and vital contributions!

“It’s about the people” Milesh is Director of Solutions at ICONICS UK, but his ICONICS journey started way back in 2002 where he joined us fresh out of university with a degree in computer science and a thirst to learn and gain real-world experience. When asked “Why ICONICS,

and why so long?” Milesh said it was about the people:

“I’ve had the privilege of working with a wonderful set of talented people over the years, each bringing their own unique insights to the job and complementing the others. We are always surprising ourselves in what we can deliver given the size of the team and it’s always down to the people.

Pushing Boundaries After an MBA, various career-moulding spells in support, product marketing and project delivery over the years, Milesh is now driving forward the design, performance, and integration capabilities of our cloud scalable IoT products and solutions. During the last 18 months he’s been head-down enriching IBSS (our Azure-based Data Digital Twin for Smart Buildings). But irrespective of the project or underlying technology, it was always a mutual passion for innovation, and a shared culture of boundary-pushing, that really made Milesh tick and feel at home at ICONICS:

“What I love about this role and organisation is that we’re always at the bleeding edge of technology and market trends, and that you get to work out how to use and develop our tools to create solutions across many different industries and technologies. It might sound strange to say but it always feels like start-up mode whenever I’m in the office. There is always a buzz about as we talk about the next opportunity, code sprint or solution.”.

Thank you, from us all For us these staff spotlight stories are not publicity parades or plaque-on-the-wall tokens, but a real chance for us to say thank you and to share with others what it means to work at ICONICS. In speaking about Milesh’s achievement, Clive Walton, Managing Director of ICONICS UK said:

Milesh Patel getting his 10 year award
Milesh & Clive in 2011 (we think)
“As a data company, we welcome fresh ideas, diverse enthusiasm, and news way of working. But before all of that, we celebrate commitment, durability, and a working ethos of true professionalism. Throughout his 20 years with us, Milesh has shown and developed all these attributes – championing innovation whilst also amplifying the voice of our customers. Thank you for everything, Milesh – please keep up the fantastic work and leadership”

With a growing young family Milesh will no doubt have his work cut out outside of the office – yes, that may even mean he misses the F1 on a Sunday from to time to time! But at some point soon, we all hope we can all share a glass of something in lieu of this great achievement.

Milesh and some of the team at The Smart Building Show 2020

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