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Covid19 Company Press Release

Company Statement

Dear all, Like you, we are constantly following the updates and guidelines about COV-19 with concern for everyone affected.

On March 17th, in line with governmental guidelines, we issued an internal policy recommending that the majority of our staff work from home. We are fully committed to the health and well-being of our staff, customers and friends, as well ensuring that our high level of services and support are not compromised (where possible) by the pandemic. We still have a very small core of ICONICS personnel operating from within our Dudley Offices, however if required, they too can operate fully at home.

Business as Usual Support and Services

All services that would have typically been provided by ICONICS UK from their offices continue to be available without interruption, and remain accessible using the same methods of communication as before, i.e.:


01384 246 700

Technical Support


Administration & Accounts

The 24/7 Emergency and Disaster Recovery Support Programme remains fully operational.

Meetings and Supply of Software

In line with the governmental guidelines on social distancing and home working, ICONICS will continue to only have online meetings with its suppliers and customers until further notification.

All ICONICS software is available for download and all ICONICS licenses can be supplied as Software or Cloud licenses, as such ensuring that you can continue to deploy ICONICS systems as required.

We appreciate your patience and support during this time.

Stay safe,



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