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More IBSS Apps launch to Google App Store

Unity, our room booking and room control application, and Inspire Visitor Management, a NEW mode in our multi-purpose interactive kiosk & digital signage family, has now arrived on the Google Play store!

  • Unity's Listing Here

  • Inspire Visitor Management's Listing Here

Unity and Inspire now join Roamer in being available on Google Play.


Part 1: Unity

What is Unity?

Unity is a room booking and room control application designed for fixed location tablet devices. Available and licensed in two modes, Unity provides both a unified user interface for in-room contextual control as well as an outer-room space booking and scheduling mode.


  1. Room Availability

  2. On-Demand Reservations

  3. Space Control

  4. Digital Feedback & Fault Reporting

  5. Minimal Touch Design

  6. Room Information

To learn more about Unity click here, or watch our feature video below:


Part 2: Inspire Visitor Management

First, what is Inspire?

Inspire is a family of ergonomic real-time digital kiosk and signage applications built to improve the way in which we engage with and navigate our spaces. Inspire Visitor Management is small form-factor tablet application that provides intuitive check-in experiences to employees and visitors. Create the best first impressions through contactless sign in and hassle-free registration.

What's available?

Inspire Visitor Management is the first mode in the Inspire suite to launch on Google Play Store. Future modes will be available for download very soon.


  1. Interactive Geo-Spatial Maps

  2. Space Searching

  3. Visitor Management

  4. Building Trust & Wellbeing

  5. Meeting Schedules

  6. One App, Countless Places

To learn more about Inspire click here, or watch our feature video below:


Want to Learn More?

Get in touch

If you are interested in learning more about Digital Transformation in Smart Buildings, or want to see a demonstration of Unity or Inspire in action, please get in touch or upload your requirements here.


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