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IBSS goes Global

ICONICS UK release their Intelligent Buildings Platform to the global marketplace.

A revolutionary Digital Twin  ICONICS UK expand their Intelligent Building Software Stack (IBSS) platform and apps to an international marketplace and worldwide sales channel. 

For over 25+ years ICONICS UK have spearheaded software automation and big data analytics, from industrial PLCs and 32-bit SCADA systems to edge-IoT and cloud-based Digital Twins. Over the last few years, ICONICS UK have been proud to take their Built World expertise, their rich ICONICS know-how and solution delivery prowess, and combine that with best-in-class cloud services from Microsoft Azure. The result? A state-of-the-art Digital Twin for the Built World. 

IBSS – along with its native in-building user apps and operational applications for Facilities Management, Space Analytics and Sustainability services – is now available via an easy-to-consume SaaS license model; this is an extremely exciting time for both ourselves and our customers. 

Andrew Dyke, Director of Intelligent Buildings says:

Andrew Dyke
“We’re breaking down so many digital silos that exist in the built world. We now have a robust digital framework and a family of user interfaces, for both front and back of house applications, that can really deliver game changing outcomes for our clients. We’ve done what we set out to achieve - moulded a tried and tested software stack into a semantic data Digital Twin and supplemented that with a range of value-driven apps.”

Covid-19 Support: Safety, Productivity & Wellbeing In a period of history that will change not just the workplace, but the world forever, we stand resolute and proud that IBSS is playing its part in supporting organisations in their transition back to work. Out of the box, IBSS (particularly our UX & operational apps) are able to support a variety of return-to-work use cases, whether it’s adjusting workspace use policies for ever-changing people densities, reducing touch-sensitive interfaces or provide high-resolution cleaning audits. We believe it is vital that the workplace is not only a safe place to return to, but a thriving and productive space where we can get back to doing our best work – even during the pandemic. We also recognise that digital transformation is a journey, and as such our return to work apps are available in a variety of bundles dependent on budgets, infrastructure and deployment timeframes.

“A tried and tested” platform In celebration of ICONCIS and IBSS, and in the spirit of Andrew’s comments, our team decided to take a look back on our smart buildings journey to this point. 

Sales channel If you are interested in learning more about IBSS or want to speak to one of our sales representatives about joining our growing partner network, please get in touch via our partner contact form – we'd love to hear from you. 


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