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Supporting Your

Transition Back To Work

Preparing for a

Post-Covid 19 Office

What role can Intelligent Buildings play in the repopulation of workplace? ICONICS UK hosted a webinar to discuss the role in which IoT and Intelligent Building Software can play in supporting the post-covid19 workplace. We believe data and digitisation can make returning to work a faster, safer and smoother transition to a new and must-needed way of working. 

A Digital Transformation Journey

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Post COVID-19 Use Cases

› Clean Frequently & Openly

Prioritise sanitization tasks based on risk, occupancy levels and feedback

› Manage Space Capacity

& People-density

Define space capacities and
implement with rich UI’s

› Desk Booking & Hotelling

Ensure work spaces are socially distant

› Track and Trace People

Where have infected occupants worked and who have they met with?

› Handsfree Workplace

Mobile reservations, ergonomic minimal touch UI, and voice control.

› People Communication

Create communities and alerts to minimise people uncertainty

› Search and Locate PPE

Ensure people can find their nearest hygiene stations

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