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Preparing for a post-Covid-19 Office

Updated: May 13, 2020

What role can Intelligent Buildings play in the re-population of workplaces?

ICONICS UK are hosting a webinar on May 21st 14:00 GMT to discuss the role in which IoT and Intelligent Building Software can play in supporting the post-covid19 workplace.

Retrofitting Spaces: the new norm

From Wednesday (13th May), people in England who can’t “work from home” will be actively encouraged to return to work whilst remaining socially distant. What this mean for workers in phase 1, and what this means to the wider UK workforce whilst we wait for the governmental proposals to bring us out of lockdown, is all very uncertain – and many of us have more questions than answers at this point. That said, as we plan for the re-population of our workplaces (once it is safe to do so), somehow, we need to embrace a return to normality – whatever post-Covid-19 normality looks like. Additionally to physically changing our spaces and behaviour (i.e. reorienting workstations, reducing people density, cleaning more frequently and wearing masks), we know technology, for a range of space types and budgets, will play an integral role in fighting this pandemic and supporting those necessary physical changes. Ultimately, we believe data and digitisation can make this a faster, safer and smoother transition to a new and must-needed way of working. 

Let’s talk Digitisation and Use-cases

In this webinar session we’ll be evaluating how our Digital Twin platform, “IBSS”, and our in-built mobile applications can support a range of Covid-19 use-cases, including:

  • Voice Machine Interfaces & Minimum Touch

  • Crowd control and people density measures – for both workplace and amenity spaces

  • Prioritised Hygiene and Cleaning Schedules

  • Hotelling Desk Reservations & Hygienic Rotation

  • Social Distancing Alerts and Space Management

  • Digital WayFinding to PPE and Hygiene Stations

  • And much more

Affordability & Speed As well as being intuitive and inherently intelligent, the beauty of our Digital Twin platform is that it allows organisations to get up and running fast without taking on the world. We will be discussing a variety of subscription models as well as “lite” ways in which clients can tackle Covid-19 challenges without having to install 10,000 sensors in your building. 

We look forward to seeing you there – please register here

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