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ICONICS Launch IBSS Flex to Take the Pain out of Hybrid Work

ICONICS UK today announced IBSS Flex, a new workplace portal for smart buildings and hybrid work.

Flex is a web-portal where office staff can manage their personal workplace preferences, visitors, and bookings. Accessible on all major web browsers, the Flex portal offers a new way for office and remote workers to book and interact with their physical office, without having to be tied to a mobile app, kiosk, or email platform.

Noel Thethy, Senior Product Manager at ICONICS UK says:

“This first version of Flex gives our customers a web alternative to Roamer™ – our tenant experience mobile app. Office staff can quickly book spaces and find things they might need, as well as manage things like customer visits and tailor how they like to work. It’s another product to add to our growing workplace suite and vision for people-centric buildings”

The current features available in this first version of Flex are:

  • Searching/booking spaces and things. Users can book desks, rooms, and equipment - either for themselves or on behalf of others.

  • Manage workplace bookings Staff can add catering to meetings, adjust meeting times, and add accessibility equipment (like hearing and presentation aids) to run their perfect meetings.

  • Manage visitors Internal teams can add, approve, and invite internal and external visitors to the building. Automated IBSS workflows within the platform will ensure those guests are informed and guided to that meeting.

  • Tailor smart building preferences As in Roamer, Flex users can tailor when and where they like to work allowing Flex and other workplace apps to deliver quick access options for faster booking experiences.

Flex will be available as of 12.12.22 for all IBSS subscription plans. For more information on Flex, or how ICONICS can help transform your workplace, get in touch with us here, or speak to your IBSS account manager or local ICONICS sales representative.

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