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An IoT-enabled
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Smart Buildings.




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Future-proof  your real estate

Plug & Play Prop-Tech

Plug & Play Proptech

‘Plug and play’ a range of existing and emerging technologies into the IBSS Digital Twin. Through open APIs, pre-built integrations, and interoperable-only protocols, we empower you to choose best in class sensors, systems, and apps that suit your goals and ways of working. Avoid vendor lock-in and make the choice yours.

Data Led Insights

Data-Led Insight

Whether you’re a developer, owner, operator or occupier, IBSS unifies all spatial, static and live system data into a centralised and secure data digital twin. The IBSS twin has apps, workflows, analytics and visualisations tailored to help you do your best work.


Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG)

  Create healthier, more inclusive and more environmentally friendly buildings. Whether it’s carbon reporting, energy efficiency, water quality, water usage or waste management – the IBSS platform can help you meet your ESG goals.  

Outcome-orientated Modularity

Outcome-oriented modalitary

Every building is different, but IBSS allows you to deploy modular systems at scale and speed. Choose the functions, features and outcomes you want to enable through our tailored marketplace bundles and deploy them across your portfolio and locations.

Cloud Scalability with Azure Digital Twins

Cloud Scalability with azure Digital Twins

From single tenancy to global portfolios, the ICONICS IBSS Twin natively integrates with Microsoft Azure to provide unparalleled cloud scalability and security, from device, to the edge, to the cloud. We’re super excited to announce that IBSS will soon be supporting Azure Digital Twins (ADT) – an Azure Platform as a Service (PaaS) for modelling the built environment.

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Reimagine posibilities with AI

Reimagine what’s
possible with AI

We believe buildings should learn from the past and help foresee the future. From Machine Learning for complex data to predictive analytics for optimised maintenance regimes, together with Microsoft we are redefining the art of the possible.   

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User Experience Icon

Unparalleled User Experience

Create connected, comfortable, and delightfully consistent spaces for your people. Buildings are no longer somewhere we just go to do our daily work, they are assets for attracting, retaining, and empowering talent. We call this the Hybrid Workplace. ICONICS UK have designed and deployed a suite of user experience apps, apps built for health, wellness, productivity, and community. 

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It’s all about the data

Good, clean, up-to-date data that is subsequently normalized into a scalable data ontology is, in our opinion, more foundational than GUIs - even the great ones like ours. In IBSS, we’re profiling thousands of sensor devices, open and preoperatory protocols and complex vendor APIs to allow you to focus on the insights and automations you need to do your best work.

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Workplace Apps

Visualisation &
Workplace Apps

We’ve taken a user-centric approach in designing a number of dashboard and workflow applications for facilities management, space analytics, sustainability and net carbon zero. These native-IBSS management apps promise to not just present the right data in world-class user interfaces, but to revolutionise how we do our best work through data normalisation and data sharing. Whether you’re in a control room ensuring your buildings run smoothly and to design, or at home optimising your real estate portfolio – IBSS OneLens will allow you to adopt an automated data-driven approach to work.     

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